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Engineering & Scientific Support

Unlike many technology companies, Geocent’s expertise extends beyond IT to include subject-matter expertise in engineering, project management, site operations, and technical support. With personnel to perform these functions, Geocent can offer a unique mix of capabilities to our clients. The Geocent team brings a wide variety of experience in aerospace and systems engineering, manufacturing engineering, and site operations and technical support.

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  • Aerospace and Systems Engineering — The Geocent engineering team has worked at various NASA facilities including the Stennis Space Center, the Marshall Space Flight Center, and the Michoud Assembly Facility. Requirements development, design coordination and verification, load analysis, vehicle integration, payload development, subsystems development, and optimizing assembly, integration, testing, and operational planning are some of the engineering functions Geocent has provided to the International Space Station, Constellation, and Space Launch Systems (SLS) programs.
  • Manufacturing Engineering — Geocent helped establish strategic direction and tactical decision support to realize an Intelligent Integrated Manufacturing (IIM) system. Geocent also worked with UNO to help the National Center for Advanced Manufacturing (NCAM), located on the NASA Michoud site, to pass its first-ever Operational Readiness Review and to perform studies in engineering and advanced composite materials.
  • Operations and Technical Support — ​Geocent is a member of the Manufacturing Support and Facilities Operations Contract (MSFOC) under Jacobs Engineering for NASA at the Michoud Assembly Facility. Geocent (in a joint venture partnership called FEMA-AKP, JV with two other companies) ran a series of temporary FEMA housing facilities in Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina.​