Operations and Technical Support
Operations and Technical Support
Operations and Technical Support

​Geocent’s specific responsibilities in operations and technical/scientific support include:​

  • Laboratory management for wet and dry chemical labs, materials testing, chemical fingerprinting, and scientific analysis in labs. This ranges from wet chemical analysis to the operation of the scanning electron microscope and includes quality control/inspection of both manual and computerized mechanical equipment and programming and operating all computer driven inspection tools.
  • Construction engineering including the design and management of facility upgrade and maintenance projects. Business development analysis through the development of marketing materials and Lean Six Sigma facilitation and facilitating kaizen events in support of Lean Six Sigma evaluation and implementation across all areas.
  • Safety engineering including first response for any incidents or accidents, securing the location and the situation, performing an analysis of the situation, determining the root cause, and, by analyzing trends of incidents and accidents onsite and developing reports, making sure the organization takes the proper corrective measures.
  • Group facilities management for data centers and mission-critical infrastructure including disaster management and business continuity planning.

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