Justice and Public Safety
Justice and Public Safety

​​​Geocent's decision to emphasize the "right" solution as part of our mission statement inherently acknowledges our focus on understanding specific customer needs. Nowhere is this understanding more critical than in the criminal justice domain, where unique cultures born of mission-critical tasks demand information technology systems that work the way their people work: with consistency, reliability, and trustworthiness.

Our criminal justice practice works because Geocent maintains a cadre of technical experts whose credentials include NIEM (National Information Exchange Model) certifications, whose solutions are compliant with FBI CJIS Division security policy, and who deliver service-oriented architecture (SOA) solutions using the Global Reference Architecture. They have extensive training in the Law Enforcement Information Sharing Program (LEISP) Exchange Specification (LEXS) standard, and experience complying with standards required by many federal grants. We provide a common communication framework through which our customers can easily share information with law enforcement agencies and judicial systems locally, state-wide, and nationally.

In delivering multiple criminal justice information systems (CJIS) for law enforcement, judicial, and prosecutorial agencies, the Geocent Criminal Justice Practice boasts team members who have implemented criminal justice data exchange programs based on the NIEM standard. This involved creating Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD) specific to the criminal justice domain. It has also retooled legacy, non-optimal environments (like systems with intermittent connectivity or using message switches) to deliver the "right" solution time and again.

Our criminal justice practice leader, as one of our subject matter experts, is a retired NYPD Lieutenant. His extensive hands on experience provides the domain expertise to lead our teams in the successful delivery of mission-critical case management, security incident management, intelligence, gang, and hotline systems for local, state, and federal agencies.​

Geocent is a proud supporter and member of the IJIS Institute.

For more information, email our Criminal Justice team ​at justice@geocent.com