Diversity and Inclusion
Geocent Employees
Diversity and Inclusion

​At Geocent, diversity is about embracing the variety of experiences and perspectives that arise from blending personnel from different ethnic groups, a range of mental or physical abilities, various age groups, all genders, any sexual orientation, or any other characteristics into a single human resource pool.

The company recognizes that its strength comes from the dedication, experience, and diversity of its employees. We believe that workplace diversity provides tremendous benefits in terms of improved morale, outside-the-box thinking, greater teamwork, and an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect, which in turn provides greater results for our clients.

With the goal of making diversity an integral part of who we are as a company and how we operate, Geocent created the Diversity Steering Committee, which has been in place since 2010. The committee is made up of a voluntary group of employees that includes the CEO and the President/COO. Our committee’s mission statement is, “To create an environment at Geocent in which the company and its employees can value and benefit from diversity.” The committee identified four focus areas through which to weave greater diversity into the company:

  • Leadership Behaviors: Identify and propagate leadership behaviors within Geocent supporting a corporate culture that encourages and values diversity.
  • Recruitment and Selection: Create a large candidate pool of diverse applicants and then consistently recruit and select the best-qualified candidates from this diverse pool of individuals. Identify and collaborate with clubs, colleges, and associations that include, but are not limited to minorities, women, veterans, and persons with disabilities to foster their awareness of our career opportunities.
  • Education and Communication: Provide our employees diversity knowledge and tools through a series of learning and development activities, panel discussions, and other events. Continuously highlight diversity in company communications, so the need and value of diversity and an inclusive environment remains prevalent to our employees.
  • Career Development: Charge managers with supporting and guiding career development for those they supervise and begin the career development process with each employee’s annual “Stay Interview” with their supervisor. Each manager has a relatively small field of direct influence, usually no more than seven employees, so a manager can be equally involved with goal setting and career development for every employee.