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Two great teams, now as one, committed to helping our customers achieve their mission. We continue to use our passion for digital transformation and engineering innovation to develop transformative, scalable solutions to solve your toughest challenges. How can we help you pave the way forward for your agency?

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DataOps: The Missing Link in Your AI Journey

As agencies shift their focus to AI and ML, a new process—DataOps—has become a crucial new endeavor. To build the next revolutionary government business solution, quality, accessible, and secure data is a must. By incorporating DevSecOps best practices, DataOps processes help data to be trusted and agency-ready for your Journey to AI. 

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We’re always looking for bright individuals to join our team. Want to help build government technology systems? Or propel humanity further into space exploration? We could use you.

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At Geocent, we lead — with culture, with grit, and with hard-earned expertise. We help government agencies move faster and achieve their mission: to make our country a better place.  

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We deliver innovative and human-centered digital and engineering services designed to power the things that matter.  Whether it’s implementing DevSecOps or building a spacecraft, our mission is your mission. 

Technology modernization

Agency transformation and modernization radically improve how an agency works. We can assess your current application suite for modernization feasibility and formulate a detailed transformation roadmap that suits you and your ever-changing environment. Overhaul systems, update processes and reimagine what you can achieve.


Cloud solutions

The cloud is pure possibility. It can overhaul your agency’s workflows or even push your productivity further than you thought it could go. Whether you’re moving between cloud systems or adopting it for the first time, we can help.


Advanced analytics

Data is everything to your mission. Properly visualizing and contextualizing it can be the difference between success and failure. Our experts help turn data into actionable and leverageable solutions to achieve your mission goals.


Mission services

Our engineering and analytics experts help you build, research, test, and ultimately execute your mission with quality and efficiency.


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We leverage our expertise across multiple agencies to help drive innovative breakthroughs. We are known for our agile team members, our customer-centricity, the value we generate, and even how fun it is to work with us!

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We believe our value lies in our people. We want the right mix of personalities, ideas, and style. It helps us do the best work possible. Sound like you?

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