A Year-Long Journey from Intern to Software Engineer


Author: Scott Knight

Date: Apr 25, 2016

Have you ever been in a situation where end users blamed a technology product for It was December 2014, and I still vividly remember walking across Southeastern Louisiana University’s campus toward the College of Science and Technology’s annual ‘Tech-Connect’ career fair. The fair is geared toward students in the technology fields, and as a senior of Southeastern’s computer science program I was well aware that many local organizations were anxiously seeking to hire top-performing students for internship positions and potential job opportunities. Through some networking I was told of Intucio’s search to fill a position for their pilot internship program.

Nevertheless, the typical worries of a college senior had left me apprehensive. How would I stand out amongst all these students? Why would they hire me? Am I even qualified for the position?I had heard of and admired Geocent’s values as a company, including an emphasis on community service and professional excellence, so I decided to seek out their table at the fair and hand over my resume for consideration. To my relief, a few weeks later I received a call offering me the position which I gratefully accepted.

In January 2015 I began my internship. Walking into Heritage Plaza, the location of Geocent’s corporate headquarters, I expected to be embarking on a six-month journey after which I’d be left – yet again – on the search for a full-time position after graduation. I was thoroughly mistaken. I was pleasantly surprised with a fantastic on-boarding process to get me acquainted with the company, warm welcomes from everyone I came into contact with, and a brilliant team of professionals to work alongside and learn from.

I hit the ground running, shadowing some of the best in the industry on various projects ranging from public safety applications development to CRM migrations, to web development and more. Learning from Intucio’s expert team members, I worked hard to establish myself as an important member of the teams I was assigned to. During the internship I was able to gain valuable industry and professional experience, knowledge of new technologies and best practices for Agile development methodologies and techniques.

The hard work I put in paid off when I was extended an offer to remain on the team full-time as a Software Engineer upon graduation from Southeastern. It was at this point I truly felt the effects of my efforts, and realized that Geocent’s leadership truly valued what I could contribute to the company. I could not have been more ecstatic. Since joining the team I have been able to expand my knowledge even further through various industry certification programs and training courses. Geocent takes the time to continuously invest in their employees, and in return everyone is provided with a great opportunity to learn and grow, both personally and professionally. So far it has been a great experience working with such a talented group and I look forward to growing my career here at Geocent.

This post is written by Geocent

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