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Powering your journey to streamlined operations, faster innovation, and lower IT costs.

Transitioning to the cloud is more than a mandate. To us, the cloud is innovation, optimization, and opportunity. It is the foundation for digital agility, changing the way you work, enabling you to do more with less, and accelerating the pace of modernization. At Geocent, we help you harness the cloud by combining business acumen, industry experience, a people-first approach, and innovative solutions to enable agency transformation and truly become Cloud Smart.

Thought Leadership

A DevSecOps Approach to Cloud Transition

Application transition is the most challenging and risky aspect of migrating an organization to the cloud, but does it have to be? Learn how we use a DevSecOps approach to automate the configuration of the system completely, providing benefits like freedom from vendor lock-in, automation of configuration management, and configuration modularization.

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Application Migration to the Cloud

Geocent takes a DevOps approach to application transition to the cloud. Instead of taking a “lift and shift” approach we utilize a cloud engineering analysis process and leverage automation technologies to completely automate the transition.

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How the Cloud can Boost Innovation

Innovation is at the core of competitiveness in the business world today, but on-premise technology can sometimes stand in the way. Legacy technologies are often too rigid and expensive to keep up with the rapid experimentation needed early on and the agility required to scale a successful effort.

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Nimble and fast

Acquiring storage space is dramatically reduced to days, if not hours, giving agencies the agility to respond to a rapidly changing technological environment.

Operational Efficiency

The cloud provides simplicity improving organizational productivity. In distributed teams, the cloud removes regions-specific dependencies, creating a collaborative team environment.


Data protection is core to many popular cloud solutions offering built-in security features, such as authentication, access control, and encryption.

Increased Resource Availability

Low to no downtime increases the availability of resources, in turn leading to better asset utilization and agency satisfaction.

Cost Savings

Organizations, no matter their type or size, by moving to cloud computing saves substantial capital costs through reduction in spending on equipment, infrastructure, and software.

Our Cloud Expertise

Cloud Know-how

We understand the power of the cloud. We have a history of successfully migrating agencies out of their physical infrastructure and into the cloud. Our competencies go beyond core infrastructure to include expertise in cloud-specific tools that support automation, Big Data, serverless architecture, hybrid solutions, and many more.

Automation Approach

With a long-term strategy and vision for the future, we help you develop efficient, agile, and scalable cloud capabilities. We grew much of our experience in proprietary tools that deliver automated migration and management capabilities to improve speed and smooth your transition providing precise cost controls, governance, and cloud consumption accountability.

Modernization at Scale

To drive continuous value, we utilize an automated DevSecOps approach to help deliver continuous organizational value beyond the transition and to help ensure that IT technology, skills, and culture evolve.

Industry Experts

Our industry focus and experience in government processes means you invested in a results-driven relationship. We start every cloud migration by looking at your most important goals and using our industry knowledge, tailor an approach to the cloud to achieve your mission goals.