COTS, GOTS & Open Source Enterprise Integration

COTS, GOTS, & Open Source Enterprise Integration

During enterprise systems integration, you will undoubtedly have to make the decision to build, buy, or use something some free. Commercial Off the Shelf (COTs) products can many times be a great solution for an “all in one” box of features. Many instances though, the cost can high or maybe you only need a few features then finding yourself paying high license costs. Government Off the Shelf is great for government/federal users as it will not have commercial costs. Implementations sometimes show that while an existing solution can provide many or most needs, sometimes it needs to be augmented. This is when Open Source Software (OSS) can provide benefits. With OSS you have the source code for the solution, so it can be modified to meet 100% of your needs. Most OSS come under the Apache License allowing for modifications without liability. When choosing a solution you must consider the maturity of the solution and if industry standard data formats and protocols are being used as it can increase the integration time and effort.

At Geocent, we will weigh all options to ensure the best solution is chosen for your needs. We have integrated many COTs, GOTs, and OSS solutions as well as modified OSS for the customer’s needs reducing development cost and time.