Integrated Logistics Support

Integrated Logistics Support

Geocent’s expertise in Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) (also known as Integrated Product Support, IPS) process is used to:

  • Introduce and sustain fully supportable material and software that meets operational and/or system readiness objectives at minimum operations and support (O&S) cost
  • Plan, program, implement and execute effective and efficient product support for material throughout the life cycle
  • Minimize the logistics footprint
  • Reduce O&S costs and logistics cycle times
  • Reduce duplication of efforts

The ILS/IPS process uses 12 elements to facilitate development and integration of the key product support activities required to acquire, test, field and support material and software. The elements are:

  • Product support management
  • Design interface
  • Sustaining engineering
  • Supply support
  • Maintenance planning and management
  • Packaging, handling, storage, and transportation
  • Technical data
  • Support equipment
  • Training and training support
  • Manpower and personnel
  • Facilities and infrastructure
  • Computer resources

All elements will be evaluated and developed, integrated and related to the systems engineering process. Tradeoffs between elements are evaluated in order to ensure material is affordable, operable, supportable, sustainable, transportable, and environmentally sound within the available resources as well as having the lowest operations & support (O&S) cost.