DHS - Eagle II (360 IT, 1T)


Information Technology (IT) support services represent a significant portion of the DHS’ IT budget. The primary goal of this acquisition is to establish the next generation of the EAGLE suite of IDIQ contracts for IT support services that will enable DHS business and program offices to accomplish their mission objectives. The acquisition, and resulting multiple award contracts will collectively be referred to as EAGLE II, and are designed to offer a broad range of services, solutions, and contract types to fulfill the majority of component and departmental IT service’s needs. This Statement of Work (SOW) defines the comprehensive functional service categories for EAGLE II. Specific requirements will be further identified and defined at the TO level.

The Contractor shall provide the full range of IT services, technical and management expertise, and solution-related enabling products in one of the functional categories (FCs) to meet the mission needs of the DHS. As identified in individual task orders, information technology solutions/capabilities will support DHS on a world-wide basis. The Contractors shall furnish the necessary personnel, materials, equipment, facilities, travel, and other services required to satisfy the ordered IT capabilities and solutions. While the SOW identifies the functional categories, the suite of resulting contracts is intended to satisfy the full range of IT related requirements. With the pace of change it is impossible to anticipate how IT requirements and individual programs will evolve over the life of the contracts. It is intended that the EAGLE II contract remains current and continues to provide the full range of IT capabilities/solutions and emerging technologies throughout its life. The scope of each individual IDIQ contract will be based upon the functional category for which the Contractor proposed and is selected with specific tasks to be set forth in the TOs.

Unrestricted Track and Small Business Track:

FC1 – Service Delivery (including Integration, Software Design/Development, and Operations and Maintenance)

FC2 – Information Technology Program Support Services

FC3 – Independent Test, Validation, Verification, and Evaluation (IV&V)


Contract and Task Order Management

Contract and TO management is a mandatory element for all task orders placed under the EAGLE II contract. The objective of contract and TO management is to provide the program management, project control and contract administration necessary to manage a high volume, multiple contract type TO process for a large, diversified team so that the cost, schedule and quality requirements of each order are tracked, communicated to the Government, and ultimately attained. The use of commercially available automated tools and the application of expertise on processes and metrics that support task order management is encouraged to achieve the above objectives. The objective of the tools is to provide quicker access, improved accuracy, and enhanced accessibility for Contractors/clients, real-time monitoring of status/deliverables, tracking the quality of work products and gauging overall customer satisfaction.


Contract & Contact

Contract Details: 

HSHQDC-13-D-E2066   *Small Business
HSHQDC-14-D-E2020  *Unrestricted

Contact Information: