SBIR (Phase-I) Cloud-based Open Data Environment and Flow-based Aggregation Science Tool (CODEFAST) NASA


CODEFAST is a data processing framework and user-friendly platform, which allows the efficient creation, customization, and processing of Decision Support Tools (DST) by different users in varied fields. The proposed architecture of CODEFAST is comprised of two main components: (1) a Computational Fusion Platform (CFP) and (2) a Flow-Based Programming Interface (FPI). By combining the capabilities of CODEFAST with the flexible and cost effective nature of commercial cloud-computing services, the system provides an easy to use mechanism for processing Earth science data in a high-performance computing environment. CODEFAST solves the problem of composing tools from disparate technologies by introducing a Computational Fusion Platform (CFP).

Potential Support Areas:

    • Data integration
      • Integration of complex heterogeneous scientific data
  • Algorithm Integration
    • Integration of multiple complex scientific algorithms with minimal modification through the use of containerization
  • Processing Workflow Automation
    • Ability to automate a workflow of algorithms to support complex processing


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