SBIR (Phase-III) NAVOCEANO Geospatial Data Services (NGDS) (OpenCOP)


NGDS leveraged technology developed under the OASIS SBIR to integrate raw NetCDF data into an open source geospatial platform (Geoserver). This technology reduced processing time by not requiring data to be pre-processed and ingested into a separate database prior to dissemination. This technology allowed for the rapid dissemination of full resolution data without the need for additional processing. This technology was also leveraged on a commercial contract to integrate ADCIRC data directly into the Geoserver platform for Worldwinds, Inc., a commercial entity that support insurance companies in risk reduction and cost mitigation.

Potential Support Areas:

  • Data Integration
    • Specific capability to handle four-dimensional data (latitude, longitude, altitude/depth, and time) rapidly.
    • Ability to process large scientific data sets using open source geospatial capabilities
  • Standardized Interfaces
    • Use of Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards for scientific data dissemination and integration



Contract & Contact

Contract Details:  # N00104-12-F-Q949

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