SBIR (Phase-III) Open Architecture for Spatial Information Services (OASIS)


OASIS a.k.a. “OpenCOP” is an Open-Source, Open-Architecture integration platform for enabling the dissemination of complex Geospatial data. As an integration platform, OpenCOP provides the foundation for enabling numerous types of Geospatial data rapidly across multiple GIS platforms.

Potential Support Areas:

  • Data Integration
    • Specific capability to handle four-dimensional data (latitude, longitude, altitude/depth, and time).
  • Multi-organization Data Integration
    • Custom integration capabilities that facilitate the integration of data from multiple organizations into a single operational view.
  • GIS Map Annotation and Data Collection Capabilities via WFS-T
    • Provides a Web Feature Service Transactional (WFS-T) interface that allows both annotations and real-time data to be ingested and disseminated rapidly.
  • GIS Performance Surface Integration via WPS
    • Rapid development of performance surfaces with the use of Web Processing Service (WPS) capabilities coupled with the ability to access complex data sets.



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