SBIR (Phase-III) Platform for Rendering Integration of Science and Manufacturing (PRISM) - NASA


Building on the technology developed in the CODEFAST and ALPS Phase 1 SBIRs described in sections 1.4 and 1.5, PRISM enables data integration and visualization capabilities across current design, engineering and manufacturing processes and systems employed at highly resilient engineering and high-performance engineering centers such as NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC). Geocent developed an engineering data visualization framework tool that significantly amplifies design options allowing for integration, visualization, and interaction of multiple data models that are currently being generated. The framework provides analytics in a computational proving ground to visualize of the engineered components. This integration of data models describes an actual engineered component from the micro level (microstructure, defects) to the macro level (dimensions, tolerances).

Potential Support Areas:

  • Digital Thread/Digital Twin:
    • Model-based engineering process automation
  • Modeling and Simulation: `
    • Complex integration, visualization and analysis of 3-D model data
  • Data Analytics
    • Model based data analytics

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