USCIS Risk & Fraud DevSecOps (RFDS)


The objective of this Performance Work Statement (PWS) is to obtain flexible services for Development Security and Operations (DevSecOps) to support the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Information Technology (IT) system delivery. The Risk and Fraud DevSecOps Services (RFDS) teams will perform software development services on USCIS IT systems in USCIS Federal Data Centers and in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud environment, or other environments as specified by the government. The DevSecOps teams will include “full stack” expertise and will have the full set of responsibilities for development, operations and maintenance, security, and testing of a set of capabilities in development, test, stage, and production environments. The term expert or expertise is used throughout this document. An expert is defined as a person who has comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of, or skill in, a particular area. Examples of expertise are where an individual has published technical whitepapers on the subject or given technical presentations at IT conferences on the subject. The RFDS contractor will use a Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery approach and is expected to adopt cutting edge best practices for IT delivery.

The Government will oversee the architecture and design of the IT capabilities, the agile methodologies to be used, product planning, and the flow of requirements; the RFDS contractor will be responsible for developing high-quality IT capabilities working within those architectures and processes to meet the business requirements.

The specific skill set required for this effort is Operating and modernizing complex legacy large-scale Internal-facing fraud detection and case management systems, in addition to building complex highly sensitive new capabilities to new and existing systems.


USCIS will manage system roadmaps, project plans, and product and release backlogs that will be the basis for the contractor’s work. A USCIS Product Owner will specify high-level requirements to this and other contractors’ agile teams. As in typical agile processes, USCIS subject matter experts will work together with the RFDS team(s) to define user stories and establish acceptance criteria. These acceptance criteria will specify expected functionality for a user story, as well as any non-functional requirements that must be met in the development of the story. The USCIS Product Owner(s) will determine whether or not acceptance criteria have been satisfied. USCIS may adopt various agile processes, such as but not limited to, Extreme Programming (XP), SCRUM, Kanban, and Lean Software Development, and the contractor will be expected to adapt its processes to these approaches.

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