Exosphere – Geocent Development Cloud


Posted on September 6, 2012 by Joshua Penton

Exosphere is Geocent’s development cloud solution. It was designed from the ground up from Open Source technologies to provide a solution for rapidly creating development environments that are standardized, optimized and configuration managed. Exosphere is based on widely known technologies such as Ruby, OpenStack, Vagrant, Chef, KVM and VirtualBox.

Development Environment Management
Exosphere cuts development environment stand up time by 95% in most cases. A development team lead can quickly select their target infrastructure and reuse proven configurations for standing up application servers, database servers, build servers, testing servers, web servers and much more. Developers no longer have to wait for an administrator to install and configure servers, they can be productive in building software in a standardized environment within minutes. All of this can be governed at a granular level so it is available quickly and without running out of control. Exosphere can manage the configuration of a single machines or the quick stand up of a complex N-Tier infrastructure. Exosphere sets up all the machines, installs all the software and configures the networking settings between all machines and applications. Security controls can also be applied using Exosphere.

Infrastructure Savings
Exosphere reduces the amount of infrastructure overhead needed on typical projects by 65%. These savings are realized by auto provisioning resources as needed as well as distributed builds and testing. These savings is are non linear, the larger your project, the higher percentage of savings.

Each environment is standardized across your enterprise. These configurations can be customized and reused over and over again. If an update is made at the enterprise level to a server configuration it can be pushed to all machines with that update with the click of a button and a matter of minutes. Once simple update can save hours and thousands of dollars in server administration costs.

Reduced Build Time
Build and testing time is reduced in Exosphere by using parallel execution and optimal design patterns. Build times can be reduced to a few minutes or seconds versus hours using these techniques. Geocent can help your organization design and setup a build system that will increase productivity of your developers and testers. In some cases, we have been able to improve build and testing times by as much as 90%.

Exosphere can be implemented using a hybrid cloud model using your own infrastructure, ec2 other cloud providers or a combination of them all. This allows your organization to expand as it grows and still provide the same services to your developers. This also enables your geographically dispersed organization to have a centrally managed but regionally located cloud solution.

This post is written by Geocent