Ground Based Deterrent Weapon System

Technology maturation and risk reduction will ensure the timely, cost effective success of the Ground Based Deterrent weapon system

Boeing Defense, Space and Security integrates Boeing’s support of the land-based leg of America’s nuclear deterrence triad, the Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). The company also sustains vital navigational and control systems across the triad (which also involves U.S. Air Force bombers and U.S. Navy Ohio-class submarines).

The Challenge

Boeing is faced with an extremely tight schedule to deliver high fidelity cost/capability trades and associated technology maturation and risk reduction plans supporting aggressive Government procurement timelines for the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent. As Boeing has moved out on this effort, it has become clear the company has gaps in their technical knowledge associated with the “as-is” Minuteman III weapons system. These gaps are making it difficult for Boeing to clearly interpret Government intentions which increases program risk.

The Solution

Geocent provided key subject matter experts (SME) with recent and detailed knowledge of Boeing’s customer’s actual requirements. Additionally, Geocent SME’s took the lead performing cost/capability trades for nearly 60% of the Capability Design Document elements incorporated in the Government statement of work. Geocent SME’s provided essential insights into the systemic effects of many of these elements ensuring all cost/capability trades considered all impacts of threshold to objective trades.

Geocent SMEs have significantly clarified technical details associated with the Governments intent to incorporate existing weapon system equipment. Additionally, insights provided by Geocent SME’s have clarified the Government intent in several key areas being traded as part of the systems engineering effort. This enables the customer to provide responses to the Government that are immediately enlightening while avoiding the need to work through extended “request for information” cycles with the Government.

The Results

*No results yet to deliver; early days on the project.

The Outcome

Geocent SMEs delivered significant insights to customer Internal Product Teams (IPT) working transportation and handling, security, and logistics elements on the project.  As the project continues, Geocent support will be vital to enabling the customer to clearly articulate their lowest cost, highest capability architecture to the Government. Ultimately, Geocent support will be important to Boeing’s efforts to win the follow-on Engineering and Manufacturing Development and subsequent Production contract.