USCIS Fraud Detection and National Security

Nationwide system provides fraud detection and case management to US Citizenship and Immigration Services

US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) – Fraud Detection and National Security (FDNS) is an organization of the United States whose primary mission is to determine whether individuals or organizations filing for immigration benefits pose a threat to national security, public safety, or the integrity of the nation’s legal immigration system. FDNS officers are in every USCIS Center, District, Field, and Asylum Office. FDNS officers are also located in other government agencies. Supporting the USCIS mission, FDNS’s objective is to enhance USCIS’s effectiveness and efficiency in detecting and removing known and suspected fraud from the application process, thus promoting the efficient processing of legitimate applications and petitions.

The Challenge

The USCIS FDNS handles thousands of notifications daily of potential Fraud, National Security issues, and Public Safety issues. To adequately and effectively manage the case management and workflow system, USCIS FDNS required a modernized, paperless system that would quickly and efficiently move referrals through investigation and adjudication. Additionally, FDNS needed a system that could provide analytics and reporting on all aspects of the system as well as provide an easy manner to refer cases to other enforcement agencies.

The Solution

Geocent provides Agile Teams including subject matter experts; case management platform developers and integrators; test experts; tier III support; and analytics and reporting specialists to develop new system functionality and perform Operations and Maintenance for the system. Geocent has pushed the limits of the Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) software and is establishing a Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) environment that is immediately responsive to the customer’s needs. The Geocent Team has been lauded for helping the customer’s system keep apace of rapidly changing requirements throughout this period where the latest news stories can mean big changes to the customer’s priorities.

Geocent has provided a modernization path that will allow the COTS software system to move to the cloud and establish Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment.

From the Client

"I was advised that our CIO visited a service center and was given the opportunity to sit and speak with FDNS-DS users. They explained to him how much they appreciate the enhancements to the system and how all releases are seamless; we have zero rollbacks. I appreciate all your diligence and dedication to developing a great product. It has been great working with such a hardworking team."
– USCIS OIT Systems Development Divisions Project Manager

The Outcome

The Geocent team has:

  • Increased the velocity of Agile Development, delivering twice as many releases to the customer
  • Created a Fraud Referral subsystem that expands the user base to all USCIS offices and over 5,000 new users
  • Automated referrals to enforcement agencies, providing for greater accountability and quicker actions
  • Provided a migration path to the cloud
  • Provided a migration path to CI/CD

As a result, the client has seen: 12% increase in stories delivered, 12% increase in velocity, 19% decrease in cycle time, and 19% decrease in lead time from Release Cycle 7.0 to Release Cycle 10.0. Continued to improve performance in Release Cycle 11.0 with 16 deployments in the 6-month period.