Paving the way forward for your agency

From DevSecOps engineers to aerospace experts, we help government agencies solve their biggest problems because we share the same goal: to improve the lives of Americans every day. See how we can help your agency move forward.

Our approach

We embrace what we call Mission Agility. It’s a mindset to fit the ever-changing needs of our customers. As a government partner, it’s just as important for us to be flexible and agile as it is to display technical prowess. Objectives change. So do timelines and expectations. Agencies need someone to help them keep the mission moving when the situation changes. That’s us.

How we can help

Technology modernization

Boost productivity, streamline processes, and achieve your mission faster. We work with our partners to bring their tech into the modern age. A glimpse at our capabilities:

  • Application Development & Management
  • Software Factories supporting Continuous ATO
  • DevSecOps Solutions
  • Legacy Modernization
  • Enterprise Business Solutions



Cloud solutions

See how the cloud could transform your agency’s workflows. Or find a trusted partner to help transition from one cloud system to another. Both work for us. We can help with:

  • Cloud Strategy Consulting
  • Cloud Integration
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Optimization
  • Cloud Application Development


Advanced analytics

Since the dawn of time, data is how progress has been made. Today, we’re helping agencies explore and execute smarter. How we do it:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data Analytics & Management
  • Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence Accelerators



Mission services

How do you get the resource elasticity for your mission? Our bleeding-edge team of researchers, engineers, scientists, and designers helps our partners develop new technologies to support deep space missions and physical infrastructure security.

  • Aerospace & Propulsion Systems Engineering
  • Additive & In-Space Manufacturing
  • Metallurgy & Speciality Materials
  • Radiation & Thermal Shielding
  • Digital, Electrical, & Structural Engineering & Analysis
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Security Infrastructure Services



What can we help you achieve?

Let’s get to work